Pink Satin with pink cuff and hot pink accent.
Shown with Princess Font.
Lavender Satin with purple cuff and purple accent.
Shown with Slim Script font. 
To place an order please call or text 918.857.0105.

We can discuss color combinations, etc.
Thank you!
Lime Green Satin with green cuff, zebra print accent.
Shown with Spiral monogram.
Turquoise Satin with brown accent.
Shown with Elegant Swirl Font.

Pillowcase Collection

These Pillowcases are truly unique and one of a kind. They are handcrafted from crepe back satin and quality cotton fabrics. 
There are 3 sizes available: Child and/or Travel, Standard and King. 
They are machine wash and dry.

Child/Travel:   $18
Standard:        $29
King:               $34

Pricing does not include shipping or sales tax.

Janet Rhodes

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